Road trip! ♥

good evening people!

so yeah, I finished packing (I hate being the “I hate packing” one cause it’s obviously a good thing since I’m fortunate enough to travel but still, it was annoying haha) and in the morning my friends are going to pick me up with a van and we can start our trip, I am super excited about it.

also, I haven’t set up a queue or anything but if you’ll miss me too much you can follow me on instagram okay, that’s it, have fun you all and see you in a week! 

xx, Katarina

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Arctic Monkeys perform ‘Secret Door' live in Valencia (February 14th, 2010)

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Heartbreaking photos show the first day back to school in Gaza. Many students did not return.

(Photo Credit: Shehab News Agency)

I think our main concern should be that there are 8-year-old girls whose faces show just how traumatic and exhaustive this conflict is.

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Public forums in Pawnee

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Girls from a West Bank village cool off in the Dead Sea.
By Paolo Pellegrin

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Now THIS is a Sirius Black and Lily Evans I can get behind!

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Chris Schoonover, 2014

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First and last look, they Broke us pretty Bad.

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since I’m going on a roadtrip across the countries of former Yugoslavia in a few days I decided to go through photos from the last time I was there with my family and the album ended with this photo of my mum and dad holding hands while driving back home and I feel like this is my favourite photo ever


Cool shadows in my room

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